Acquisitions, Behavior Overview, and Audience Overview

Quez Media Marketing President and CEO Jose Vasquez recommends generating these three Google Analytics reports to get a better understanding of how well your inbound marketing campaign is going.

They are Acquisitions, Behavior Overview, and Audience Overview. He also suggests to set up automated reporting to receive an email report on a regular basis. (source)

Finding ways to automate repetitive tasks allows you to accomplish more in less time with the potential to increase your profitability.

Analytics and Game Theory

There is an excellent article on analytics that was posted recently on the blog. Joanna Lord breaks down analytics into three types. They are the descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. She explains in her article that most marketers focus on the descriptive analytics while avoiding the other two.

Earlier in my life I use to play tournament chess and tournament backgammon. Both games were analytical and while I couldn’t explain it, I would see patterns that seemed to make sense out of the chaos. When I began doing SEO, those same recognition skills allowed me to look at the search engine results and reports where I could see the patterns and by doing further analysis I was able to take the actions necessary to benefit the sites on which I was working.

I used to read every backgammon and chess book that I could get my hands on. Just one ah-ha moment in a book could make the difference between winning and losing a game in a tournament. Joanna’s article on analytics was that SEO game winning ah-ha moment. She reminded me that there is a little bit of marketer in all of us so it is necessary to remember that to be most effective as a SEO analyst you need to look at the complete picture. Enjoy playing with the data.

To learn more about the differences between descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, be sure to read her entire article here.

And if you happen to see Joanna, give her a big hug from me. She loves hugs!