Local Ranking Opportunities

A recent article on Search Engine Watch discusses a study of geo specific keywords in a domain name. From my own analysis, I’ve noticed a correlation between domain name and ranking even though the site’s PR and the number of external links would suggest that the site should be much lower in the search engine results.

Most local search professionals will tell you that citations and site relevance to the target geo are the keys to ranking in local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Testing and retesting old methods is part of maintaining SEO strategies so it seemed a smart choice to take a closer look at one of these key onsite factors and conduct a small study on the weight of domain names in rankings. The goal was to evaluate the performance of a related series of keywords in 10 different geographic locations and put them head to head against a term directly associated with the domain name.

Source: searchenginewatch.com


Local SEO tip: Look for a domain name that references the area that you are targeting.