The Best Local SEO Keywords

Powered by Search has an article about choosing relevant keywords and keyword phrases,utilizing free online tools, and determining keyword value. It is important to understand the importance of using long tail keywords to better target your audience.

The first step in an effective SEO strategy is choosing keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche. Targeting keywords that deal with health won’t help if you’re selling automotive products.

Also, you don’t want keywords which are too general or broad in their scope. Although “automobiles” may be a high ranking keyword, it won’t do much good for your automotive product business because such a search will result in too vast a selection of sites for customers to draw from. You can localize your keyword list even further by using phrases such as “automotive parts in St. Louis” for example. Choosing keywords and phrases which deal specifically with your product or service and your target area are what you’re after.

Source: Powered by Search

Local SEO Tip: Google’s Keyword Tool will help you select the keywords and key phrases that you should be targeting. Also, don’t overlook Google’s autocomplete for more ideas.