Stay on Top of Search Results

Google has stated that in its search algorithms it currently uses over 200 unique signals to help determine the best results. I have always had an interest in monitoring the changes in the search results to analyze the direction that Google search is taking. In the last week, one of the factors that seems to have been negatively affected more so than in the past, are EMDs and PMDs. An EMD is an exact-match domainĀ  while a PMD is a partial-match domain.

Some SEOs talk about a penalty for EMDs and PMDs. I prefer to think of it as less weight will be given to that signal. Think of it like a college test. The old tests relied on 80% multiple choice and 20% essay questions. This year the tests are 50% multiple choice, 30% essay, and 20% true/false questions. You won’t be penalized for being good at multiple choice questions but you do need to work on the true/false area and improve your essay skills to stay on top.

Continue to work on the positive things that will improve your site.