Search Quality Rating Guidelines Released by Google

I spent quite a bit of time looking over Google’s newest interactive infographic, How Search Works. In the section The Search Lab, they provide a link to the Search Quality Rating Guidelines. I had the opportunity in the past to see leaked versions of the evaluator guidelines but this is Google’s first public release. The Google document is dated November 2, 2012 and in the preface Google states that this document is only a “Cliff Notes” version.

The official Google released document is labeled Version 1.0 and consists of 43 pages.The last leaked document was labeled Version 3.27 and was 161 pages. Google explains this discrepancy in their preface saying that the raters’ version includes instruction on using the rating interface, additional rating examples, etc.

For affiliate marketers, be sure to read Part 3: Webspam Guidelines 4.1 Thin Affiliates.